Here's my shack, and welcome to the new website!

September 06, 2016

Hey everyone, Today I'll be posting some pictures of my shack, as of September 6, 2016.

I actually enjoy many hobbies, almost all of which have to do with technical stuff though. Here’s the table for my most obvious hobby, (And what this website is mainly about!) ham radio!. The equipment I have is listed on my about page if you’re interested. Next up is electronics, which is pretty intrinsically linked with ham radio. I won’t go over the equipment here in this post, but maybe in a later post I’ll focus here in more detail. Ever since I remember I’ve wanted to be an electrical engineer, so hopefully that’s where I’ll end up! Not only am I interested in that stuff but also, computers and programming! If you don’t already I highly recommend getting at least two monitors for your computer, I know i has made me more productive! Even if you just use your computer for ham radio stuff you could have propagation, or a spotting network on one monitor and your logger on the other. I generally like to keep a pretty clean and organized shack and this has really helped store stuff. As you can see here I’m using it to mostly store some electronics parts bins. Just behind my radio table I’ve got a great view of Bogus Basin. Up on top is Shafer Butte where many local 2m repeaters are located. I also took a zoomed in photo of the towers. Here’s my indoor 2m jpole, since I have such a good line of sight to the majority of the repeaters in the Boise greater area I always get a 59+ to them. In closing, I would like to talk about the direction of this website. For now this isn’t going to be anything formal, but hopefully I will be able to update this around once a month. This website will not only be about ham radio but also electronics, and computer stuff, so if those aren’t your cup of tea feel free not to read those. Thanks for reading and feel free to come back for some more!