KB9VBR Jpole installation

October 06, 2016

Hello again! Today I'm writing about how I mounted my 2m jpole from Michael, KB9VBR over at jpole-antenna.com

Happy with the performance of my ladder line jpole, I began seeking out some rigid poles to mount on my roof with the tripod I had bought a while ago. Not being proficient with soldering copper pipe, I decided to buy a pre-made copper jpole, and I instantly found Michael’s website and purchased his 2m jpole. I already had some EMT conduit that I could use as a mast to mount the jpole to. Because of the jpole’s characteristics the mounting stub is at dc ground, which allows it to be clamped directly to a conductive mast. Once the jpole arrived, I recruited the help of my uncle and cousin to help me mount the tripod to the roof. It was much easier than I figured it to be. We picked up some lag screws, and a tube of roof asphalt that goes into a caulk gun (used to water proof the lag screws) and got to work. once we got everything up onto the roof it was pretty straight forward. You place the tripod on the peak and make sure it is plumb using a level, then you fill the mounting holes on the feet of the tripod with the asphalt. You then drive the screws into the roof. Now for the simple part, grab some hose clamps and mount the jpole to the mast. It’s that simple! Since the jpole is a balanced antenna and the coax is unbalanced, it is recommended to make a balun with the coax by making 5 turns of coax with a 6 inch diameter. The balun eliminates stray rf that might find it’s way down the coax back down into your shack. I’m not going to go too far in depth of balun theory, but here’s a resource if you’d like to learn some more about them, link. Here is my final result: And the sealed feet:

As it is mounted nice and high and since the jpole is an all round great performer, I’m able to not only hit repeaters all throughout the Boise greater area but also into oregon, and the surrounding area! If you are looking to install a 2m omni I highly recommend this model of antenna, so far it has been a great performer! While I was up on the roof, I thought I might as well take the opportunity to take some pictures of the gorgeous surrounding areas. Currently we receive our internet over microwave. Here’s the antenna: